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Winner Book of the Year 2012 (Philosophy)

Winner of Educational Book of the Year 2013

Winner of the Compilation/Anthologies category of the New England Book Festival Competition 2012

"The Philosophy Shop is on a mission to bring philosophy into our schools. This book brilliantly shows how accessible philosophy is, and how fun and mind-expanding it can be, for any ages."

Jules Evans, author of 'Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations'.

"The book wants to see thinking for thinking’s sake, the development of the intellect for the sheer love of learning, and the formation of enquiring minds which want to probe and are unwilling to accept authority unless grounded on good argument. This is dangerous stuff, and is likely to get the purveyors of the material locked up by the Department for Education."

Anthony Seldon, Master of Wellington College, author, educator and historian

"This book should get anyone thinking."

Nigel Warburton, The Open University, Philosophy Bites podcast

This Award Winning book edited by Peter Worley, with contributions from A.C. Grayling, Angie Hobbs, Peter Cave, Peter Adamson, Anja Steinbauer, Roger Sutcliffe, and many more, The Philosophy Shop is jam-packed with ideas to get anyone thinking philosophically. For use in the classroom, after school clubs, philosophy departments, philosophy groups or even for the lone reader, this book will appeal to anyone who likes to think. Each example acts like a Japanese Haiku with a European flavour. Take it on journeys and dip in; use it as a classroom starter activity, or full philosophical enquiry – you could even use it to steer dinner party or family discussions away from the same old topics.

"Very impressed, I've just started a philosophy based scheme of learning for my year nines next year, and this book will be a massive part of that. The 'works well with' suggestions for each exercise make translating the ideas in the book into a well structured sequence of lessons a joy. I completely agree that introducing core philosophical issues to students with a 'hook' that grabs them is the best way to approach the subject. I do the same with my A level groups and it enthuses them to approach the core issue in creative ways. You then get a second bout of learning when they compare their own approach to those of famous philosophers."

Ian Tustin, Wadham School

"As a teacher of Religious Studies and Philosophy at secondary school level, I am constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to get my students to think for themselves, especially as so many of the existing textbooks for GCSE and AS/A2 Religious Studies are ponderously written and unimaginative. This particular publication is therefore something of a treasure trove, as the various contributors simply geyser original thought experiments, stories, poems and questions onto the page, ideas that cannot fail to engage the pupils who are fortunate enough to encounter them. I have only just finished the book, but even after a cursory browse of the contents when it first arrived through the post, I couldn't then resist spending the next hour or so re-working one of the stories ('Louis' Goodness Detector') for a Year 13 introductory lesson on the difficult topic of meta-ethics, which worked brilliantly when I taught it the next day. The actual story itself was aimed at pupils aged 10 or over, but my class of 17 and 18 year olds - who are not easy to impress - derived just as much enjoyment from it and were still fully stretched in the way that gifted and talented students need to be, because they sensed so many of the possibilities that were inherent in the accompanying stimulus questions. More recently, Andy West's contribution ('Bat Girl') proved to be so successful with a Year 12 class who were being introduced to the topic of animal rights, that I was left wondering whether the author might be related to the actor Adam West. Additionally, I have made several pages of notes on how to integrate many of the other 'Thoughtings' into my existing schemes of work. In closing, I should also point out that the sheer adapability of so much of the content of this inspiring collaboration would undoubtedly make it useful for teachers of Philosophy and Religious Studies in higher education, and I can well imagine many an undergraduate seminar being enlivened by the adoption of the approach taken to the teaching of these subjects, which is usefully set out in the introduction to the book. All in all then, this is a quite superb and much needed contribution to the territory of philosophical education, and I applaud Peter Worley and his associates for putting together such a stimulating and invaluable resource."

5 Star Reviews from an Amazon customers.

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