Provocations, Philosophy in Secondary Schools


The latest book in The Philosophy Foundation Series

"Beautifully written, clearly presented, and drawing from a wide and rich range of original sources, this is a superb resource for secondary school teachers keen to encourage independent, bold and creative thinking from their students (and perhaps give their own critical faculties a tickle, while they’re at it...)."

Reviewed by Helen Mulley, Editor, Teach Secondary Magazine

"This book is a superb provocation to philosophy itself...It should be in every schoolroom, and every teacher’s hands, as an instrument that will transform students’ interest and capacity across the whole range not just of their studies but their lives."

Reviewed by From the Foreword by AC Grayling

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Once Upon an If

Once Upon an If

“Peter's book almost hijacked my day. Week. I resisted the multiple temptations of the contents pages...Sort of. It was a challenge: sections full of shiny things calling out, "Read me! Try me out! Have a think about me!”

Mike Fleetham, Education consultant and creator of

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The Philosophy Shop


"The Philosophy Shop is on a mission to bring philosophy into our schools. This book brilliantly shows how accessible philosophy is, and how fun and mind-expanding it can be, for any ages."

Jules Evans, author of Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations.


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Thoughtings: Puzzles, Problems and Paradoxes in Poetry to Think With


"This may look like a book - but in fact, it's a portal; a gateway into the boundless possibilities of the mind's perspectives, and stepping through it in the company of your pupils could enrich both your experience of their learning and theirs immeasurably."

Helen Mulley, Teach Primary Magazine, Issue 6.8

"This collection of poems is very, very irritating. It's irritating like having toast crumbs in your bed. It's irritating like having toast crumbs in your brain..."

Michael Rosenpoet and former Children's Laureate writes in the Foreword.

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The If Odyssey


“What Peter has achieved with The If Odyssey is nothing short of genius! As a secondary school teacher of English, Theories of Knowledge and Philosophy, I find this book an irreplaceable resource. Not only does it present the teacher with crucial pedagogical instruction, but with a systematic programme in how to cultivate the requisite skills of storytelling. Moreover, he synthesises, with clarity and precision, how to relate key philosophical concepts to each of the stories from The Odyssey. Simply brilliant!"

Mark C. Blythe, teacher and postgraduate researcher in Philosophy of Education, Institute of Education, Reading University

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The If Machine: Philosophical Enquiry in the Classroom


"The best book of its kind currently available, an invaluable resource for teachers wanting to try out some philosophy in their classrooms and a significant contribution to educational theory. Buy it!"

Professor Michael Hand, Birmingham University

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