Stage 1 - Online

We are now offering our Stage 1 Course Philosophical Enquiry: The Foundations online.

Our online course covers the same content as our live Stage 1 course, with theory and practice, an experiential dimension and all our foundational strategies for doing philosophical enquiry with others.

Our first online course received feedback saying all aspects of the course, from content through to delivery and support was 'outstanding' or 'good'.

 "The course was inspiring and so much fun. The interactive delivery kept everyone engaged. The instructors were open to questions and approachable, and it was obvious that they were talking from much experience.”

The next online course is being held on July 30th and 31st, August 4, 5 and 6th from 13:30 - 16.30 UK time, and then 13.00-17.00 on the final day. All online courses will be broken into 5 x 3 hour half days. If you'd like to sign up to our online Stage 1 course please email for further information or to be put on the waiting list for future courses.

Doing the online course will get you ready for taking on accreditation with The Philosophy Foundation to become a specialist philosophy teacher with us. Bursaries (taking the accreditation from £375 down to £185 for 3 or 4 people per course) are still available for those doing online training. You can find out more about the accreditation process on our Stage 1 page.

This course is £250 for the 5 half days and includes an electronic copy of our Stage 1 Handbook covering all aspects of the course as well as preparation for working with us in schools.