Critical and Caring Thinking in P4C

Keynote at the University of Southern Denmark May 2018 at the first Pasco Conference. 

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Plato not Playdoh

How to be a Rebel

ICPIC Conference 2013

Paper Abstract

Conference Theme - Concept Knowledge & Pedagogy

Questioning Questions (or, an ‘X’ and Box)

It is commonly thought that in order to engender enquiries and open-ended discussion open questions should be preferred by a teacher or facilitator and closed questions should be avoided. Peter will show how, actually, it is quite the reverse: open questions are the enemy of a good discussion while closed questions are its friend. He will explain how the received opinion hinges on a misunderstanding of what an open question/discussion is.

One of the key controversies in the philosophy with children community is how the questions used for enquiries are arrived at or selected. Peter will demonstrate a method called the concept box that activates children to identify key concepts from a stimulus and that allows a discussion to unfold without the need for questions at all, either elected questions (P4C) or task questions (PhiE) thereby rendering the questions/issues emergent.

The paper focuses around an ‘X’ and a box.

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PhiE Circle & Detachment Methods

This paper was first presented at SOPHIA Network meeting in 2012. It describes two methods for doing philosophy with children that develop the meta-aspect.

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What can university philosophy learn from primary philosophy?

Peter Worley's lecture at St Mary's College for the RIP lecture series: Knowledge, Wisdom & the University on Wednesday September 21st.

What can university philosophy learn from primary philosophy?

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