The Art of Argument

Using logic, strategy and empathy for collaborative discussions.

This adult course will run online via zoom for 5 consecutive weeks every Wednesday from 17.30 - 18.30 GMT (first day until 18.45) on the following dates:

11th, 18th, 25th of January
1st, 8th of February


  • Move beyond exchanges of opinion to collaborative discussions
  • Disentangle disagreements by tracing them back to the underlying assumptions
  • Work towards a joint solution or shared understanding
  • End inconclusive conversations amicably, knowing why agreement wasn’t possible
  • Understand what’s happening in a disagreement and intervene constructively
  • Adopt a win-win strategy for arguing, rather than win-lose


  • These skills can make you more effective at work, especially if you need to persuade others or adjudicate when others disagree.
  • You can have more satisfying and functional discussions in your personal life (e.g. family meetings, relationship check-ins, conversations with housemates etc).  
  • You will be more effective in political debates, able to listen and reply with more precision and presence.
  • You will understand arguments and disagreements of all kinds more clearly.

Read more about the course here.