Dealing with Decisions

Double Deal

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Marshalling moral perspectives to improve our reasoning about difficult decisions. 

Is it OK to stream a box set without paying?

Should I leave a note on the windscreen of the car I just scraped or leave it to their insurance?

Should I work for an oil company if it allows me to donate more money to charity?

This adult course will run online via zoom for 5 consecutive weeks every Wednesday from 
17.30 - 18.30 BST (first day until 18.45) on the following dates: 

22nd February

1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd March


  • Identify and excavate moral dilemmas 
  • Learn the pros and cons of classic ethical theories 
  • Adopt different moral perspectives appropriate to each situation 
  • Open up your options and reason your way towards a choice 
  • Have more constructive discussions on moral and political topics 


  • Understanding moral motivations in yourself and others 
  • Having the tools to engage with other people’s views  
  • Constructing and critiquing moral arguments in a variety of contexts 
  • Taking challenging decisions and communicating the reasoning behind them 
  • Resolving conflict around moral issues