Young Philosophers Club - Living your best life

The phrase ‘living your best life’ has gained recent popularity, but how to live well – to flourish and thrive as a human being? Drawing on a range of stories, thought experiments and activities, this club will allow you to explore your own ideas around happiness, freedom, success, self-control, bravery, friendship and more.

Young Philosophers Club - Living your best life:

  • Is for 7-11 year olds
  • Is online via Zoom
  • Will run on 8 consecutive Thursdays from 6th October - 24th November at 5.30-6.15pm
  • Is for everyone with a curious mind, you don't need to have done philosophy before
  • You'll receive a certificate at the end of the club

Young Philosophers Club is where we think and talk about some of the most interesting and puzzling things in life. Through games, stories and thought experiments you will discover how deep these ideas go.

Please note: This club needs a minumum of 7 children to run.