Young Philosophers Club - IRL? Adventures in reality and unreality

For 7-11 years

Starting on Thursday 2nd May then 9th, 16th, 23rd May, 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th June.

This is a course all about reality, unreality, and anything in between, really! Stories, thought experiences, activities and games will launch us into some real  philosophical discussions on the nature of reality and how we experience it. 

Here are some of questions you'll really explore on the course: 

  • Do we see things how they really are? 
  • Which senses are best for discovering how things really are? Which school subjects? 
  • Do maps map reality? 
  • Are fictional stories and characters real? 
  • Are numbers real? Is money real? 
  • Could dreams be reality and reality be dreams? 
  • When you steal something in a virtual reality game, are you really stealing? 
  • Does everyone have their own personal reality or do we all share the same one?

Young Philosophers Club:

  • Is for 7-11 year olds
  • Is online via Zoom
  • Is for everyone with a curious mind, you don't need to have done philosophy before
  • You'll receive a certificate at the end of the club

Young Philosophers Club is where we think and talk about some of the most interesting and puzzling things in life. Through games, stories and thought experiments you will discover how deep these ideas go.

Please note: This club needs a minimum of 7 children to run.