Early Years Foundation Stage Philosophy Curriculum

We have created an Early Years curriculum for teachers to be able to help very young children to develop the skills that are essential for learning: speaking and listening, thinking and empathy. These are skills that can be built on as children go through the school, but without them some children can be left behind.

Our curriculum comes with:

  • An overview of all three terms
  • Minimum of 10 lessons plans for each term, that progress in difficulty 
  • Games that inspire thinking and skill development in very young children
  • Videos of our EYFS Specialist Steve Hoggins running sessions, with explanations of good - and not so good - practice
  • A cheat-sheet guide to question asking in the EYFS classroom
  • A brief overview of how to run the sessions
  • An outline of how to evaluate progress
  • Relevant articles on questioning (not available elsewhere)
  • A list of picture books and questions that can be used to extend the curriculum
  • The bestselling book by Peter Worley, 100 Ideas for the Primary Classroom: Questioning - as this book is applicable to the EYFS classroom too

All of this comes on a memory pen so you can carry it with you and write up notes at the same time!