Stage 1 Training: Participation Online


You can still book Stage 1 training: Observation.

This course takes place online, on 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th and 24th April, on 5 weekend afternoons starting at 2pm GMT and is open to all.

The afternoons of 10th and 11th April will run for 3.5 hours, the 17th and 18th will run for 3 hours and the final afternoon on 24th will run for 4 hours.

This booking is for full participation in the course. If this course is sold out, or you are only interested in observing, you can book Stage 1 training: Observation.

Our online Stage 1 course covers the same as our live course and has a mix of theory and practice, an experiential dimension, and all our foundational strategies for doing philosophical enquiry with others.