Stage 2: Advanced Facilitation

'Stage 2: Advanced Facilitation' is open to anyone who has experience in primary P4C and is interested in advanced facilitation skills.

Stage 2 provides attendees with the skills and resources to refine their facilitation. It includes new strategies and tools for deepening the philosophy in your sessions. You will also learn how to adapt your approach to younger children and secondary pupils. We also look at faciliation skills in more depth and share more advanced facilitation tools and strategies. Finally you will learn how to expertly help children manage their own sessions and use crtitical thinking tools.

The course is £395 and includes:

  • Advaced facilitation such as Argumentation, Elenchus and Dialectic
  • Delivery strategies such as improvisation, experiments and physicalisation
  • How to teach content and use writing in secondary
  • Resource planning and 'finding the philosophy' with nursery children
  • Example sessions and model for devising
  • 70 page Handbook detailing the course content

If you are already an accredited TPF specialist you will aslo recieve:

  • One-to-one mentoring​ following the course
  • Increased pay-scale to Level 3 after successful observation
  • Continued email/phone support from us