How we can help – HR & Culture

The Philosophy Foundation works with companies to support their human resources and cultural challenges. Underpinning each of our programmes is the simple premise that the skills required for philosophical reasoning are fundamental to creativity, team building, decision making and leadership. In addition, we firmly believe that corporate culture and ethics can be developed and embedded through philosophical enquiry.

  1. Training, development & assessment – in partnership with the Development Centre we identify what it takes to develop your leaders’ cognitive abilities to manage change and build your future business capability.​ 

Growing your Leaders

  1. Developing Critical Thinking skills – we provide one-off training to enable employees to hone their critical thinking and argumentation skills as well as their ability to re-think and re-assess situations and ideas.
  1. Work in Partnership with us. For a different approach to training that also reaches into the school community you might want to consider our Young Philosopher's Programme.
  1. Developing Business Values and Culture – we provide tailored sessions to understand what values you already have as a business, how they are promoted, and how your employees can take them forward.

We have already applied the questioning approaches to our facilitation of workshops to draw out better answers, and logic to development of our own internal systems and processes. 

Dan Berelowitz, Director, International Centre for Social Franchise