Dr Who and Philosophy

Join our Dr Lisa McNulty as she gets her geek on with the Doctor. Come with us to explore new (philosophical) worlds! Be assured: these questions are bigger on the inside... 

Starting online on Thursday 12th November at 7.00 pm (GMT) our new 5-week adult course will explore:

Week One: Immortality and Change in Doctor Who: Is the Doctor immortal; or is the Doctor actually thirteen different people? Is immortality a good thing to seek?
Week Two: The Cybermen and the Golden Rule: On treating others how you wish to be treated... when you wish to be an immortal emotionless cyborg. 
Week Three: 'Vengence on Varos' and Democracy: What makes a 'real' democracy? Do leaders have a duty to act in accordance with the will of the people - whatever it is? 
Week Four: The Doctor, Pacifism, and Harriet Jones: Was Harriet Jones wrong to shoot down the retreating Sycorax ship? Is the Doctor's response justifiable? 
Week Five: The Time Lords and Just War Theory: Is the Time Lord's policy of non-interference with other peoples and planets morally justified? Are they responsible for the consequences of *not* interfering?

The course costs £50 for all 5 weeks or you can buy individual weekly tickets for £15 each here.

The course will take place on Zoom and you'll be sent the details and link to join once you've joined.