Pupil Tracker

A tool for measuring impact

The Pupil Tracker is a tool that helps you evaluate the extent to which pupils may have developed desired skills and attributes while doing philosophy over the course of a term or year.

TPF have been using this since September 2014 to measure the progress of pupils who have philosophy on a weekly basis. The classroom teacher may choose to track up to 10 pupils of varying abilities by using the Pupil Tracker in the first session, and again towards the end of term. With the data gathered TPF is able to improve and maintain practice year-on-year, teachers are able to see specific developments in particular pupils and are more easily able to identify any impact in other lessons.

We recommend that teachers training with us also use this form to measure the progress of their pupils. Teaching Assistants can help do this as it would not be possible to use this evaluation tool while facilitating a philosophy or enquiry session.

Intellectual Virtues

Though by no means exhaustive, we have identified some candidate core intellectual virtues (excellences/competencies/dispositions/sensitivities) that it is hoped the children in classrooms will develop through doing philosophy that also have application in other subjects. They are cross-referenced to show their interdependence. You may also notice that critical thinking skills are absent, this is because the intellectual virtues have been distinguished from intellectual tools and one’s familiarity with them. In this list critical thinking skills are captured under virtue 20. 

You may be able to develop an assessment tool for these competencies using this list.

Intellectual Virtues