Holiday Activities Clubs

It helped us working together and it felt like we were really on the island and at some points it was quite scary and at some points we were all laughing together.”

The Philosophy Foundation run after-school and out-of-school activity clubs for primary and secondary students.

We run weekly after-school clubs, or activities during the holidays.

Our four-day activities club originally developed as part of the government's catch-up scheme, involves interactive storytelling, philosophical enquiry, games, role-play and craft activities.

We develop activities for different ages along different themes. Please find a document attached about Republic Island - a programme of activities that see children setting up a society, making decisions about politics, economics, justice and law. Plus playing an Escape Room game! Other themes include The If Odyssey (Greek myths, war, ethics, love) and the Ceebie Stories (artificial intelligence, identity, friendship)

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