Philosophy comes into the home and in your language of choice. Our trained philosophers are running weekly philosophy sessions with all ages. 

Προσφέρουμε μαθήματα φιλοσοφίας με εξειδικευμένους καθηγητές με πλούσια εμπειρία στη διδασκαλία της φιλοσοφίας σε άτομα ηλικίας 6-100 ετών μέσω της εφαρμογής zoom. Οι διαδικτυακές ομάδες οργανώνονται σε αντίστοιχες ηλικιακές ομάδες έως 10 ατόμων. 

Οι φιλοσοφικές συνεδρίες έχουν ως στόχο τη διερεύνηση και ανάπτυξη ιδεών -απόψεων, κριτικής σκέψης, ικανοτήτων ακρόασης και την ενθάρρυνση ανάπτυξης της προφορικής έκφρασης και λόγου.

The course will begin with a free taster sesion on  Friday 10th April at 10.00am. Session are run using Zoom software. You will need to sign up but it is free:

If you are interested but cannot make this time, please contact us below.

Other languages

The Philosophy Foundation will be running online philosophical enquiries in other languages.  These interactive sessions are open to everyone, children and adults, all are welcome.

The first taster session will be run free of charge and we invite anyone who has an interest in participating in philosophical discussions to join us. You don't have to be a native speaker of the language, in fact it's an excellent opportunity for advanced learners to improve their spoken skills in natural conversation.
We use the zoom to run the sessions so you will need to webcam and a microphone to participate fully. We will run the taster sessions as soon as we have enough people signed up. We will offer the following languages:

  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • South Slavic Languages (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin)
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Norwegian (Danish and Swedish welcome)
  • Greek

If you would like to join one of our free taster sessions contact us below. Please let us know the language should like to participate in and your time zone (so the sessions don't run in the middle of the night for you!)