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Philosophical Enquiry in Business

A series of philosophy sessions for teams or individuals within companies to challenge and develop your thinking.

Why this course?

Develop collaborative, critical and creative thinking in your workplace by having regular facilitated philosophical enquiry sessions. These sessions can explore business values and ethics, as well as topics that have meaning in your industry.

What’s the outcome?

Philosophical enquiry can unleash creativity and a team’s potential. It is a powerful way to help a team understand and develop each other’s thinking. These sessions can be run on any subject or topic area so can help tackle ideas within a business context. Examples of past discussions in business range from ‘what is good business and why be good?’, ‘should work have value?’, to ‘what makes our company our company, and what is change?’

These sessions help develop understanding in teams and build skills in a safe yet evaluative atmosphere. A great opportunity to spot future leaders and help them develop new skills and giving teams who have had years of experience working together fresh ways of thinking. Philosophical enquiry aims towards a framework for good thinking including critical, creative and collaborative thinking, problem-seeing and solving.

What's in the course

An opportunity to explore meaningful topics as a team through a facilitated philosophical enquiry with a professional philosopher.

Recommended length: 5 one hour sessions 

People: 8-16 Participants

Level: Any 

Where: Client Office

"We attend other courses that talk about how people approach problems/ideas in different ways, but this was a great illustration of that and felt more useful than just trying to put people in boxes."

Trading Analyst, BP

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Emma Worley MBE