The iClone

We travel to another galaxy and encounter a civilisation that relies on human clones to get things done...

This film sets the scene for the Big Questions trilogy. It welcomes viewers aboard the Starship Paradox, which takes off on a mission to contact long-lost human civilisations in distant galaxies. We encounter a culture whose major technological breakthrough is the 'iClone', a device that enables individuals to create clones of themselves. The film encourages children to consider the merits and risks of human cloning. It can be used to stimulate enquiries about personal identity, responsibility, inequality and overpopulation.  

Inspired by 'The Copying Machine' by Peter Worley, published in The Philosophy Shop.

The Big Questions program is an initiative of The Philosophy Club and the films were created for Big Questions by David Urbinder.  Please contact The Philosophy Club for further information or to request a non-watermarked version of the films for educational use.