Choice vs Not a Choice


Make a table with 2 columns on the board. Label the 2 columns 'Choice' and 'not a choice'

Give each pair a statement

  • Blinking
  • Sneezing
  • Forgiving someone
  • Dreaming about cake
  • Getting angry
  • Being free
  • Feeling happy
  • Being British
  • Hitting someone
  • Winning
  • Cheating
  • Going to school
  • Liking maths
  • Speaking Italian
  • Sleeping

Task Question: Which column should your statement go in? 

Take some feedback from three or four groups that you pick to be most fertile. Keep the discussion moving by giving lots of groups the opportunity ot explain hteir ideas. The facilitation method I use the most here is anchoring and iffing, e.g. ‘If your parents make you go to school, then which column should it go in?’            

Analysis tools

  • Ask the children: can you finish this sentence “Having a choice is when…” (You are not allowed to use the words “choice” or “choose”).
  • Can you finish this sentence “Not having a choice is when…” (The same rules apply as above).

Bring it Back

Now that you have defined what is meant by having a choice and not having a choice, ask the same question again.

Task Question: Which column should our statement go in?


Download Choice vs Not a Choice