Entrepreneurialism: wants and needs

Set the class the following task: to invent (or simply to name) something that people will need but not want, something they will want but not need, and something they will want and need.

Conceptual comparison exercise

Task Question: What are the differences/similarities between ‘need’ and ‘want’?

  1. Place two hoops or pieces of string (to form two circles) on the floor, not overlapping.
  2. Above one write ‘needs’ and above the other write ‘wants’.
  3. Invite the children to write words on pieces of paper to place in the hoops.
  4. If necessary, set the tasks from the previous ‘Entrepreneur’ task.
  5. If necessary, place the following words on the floor for the class to place:
    • Water
    • Love
    • Friends
    • Christmas presents
    • Money
    • School
    • Health
    • Healthy food
    • Junk food

You may want to set the task of coming up with something that is neither a need nor a want.

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