Frog is a hero

This session is based on the book 'Frog is a hero' by Max Velthuijs

When it starts raining, frog is excited. When it’s still raining a few days later, he starts to get scared. His house is flooded, and his friends’ houses are flooded too. Where can he find safety?And who will help when all the food runs out? It’s time to be brave. But can frog be the hero?

Task Questions:

  • What is a hero?
  • If Frog is scared, is Frog a hero?
  • If Frog finds help, is Frog a hero?
  • Is Frog brave?
  • If Frog is scared, is Frog brave?
  • If Frog is in danger, is Frog brave?

Download Frog is a hero