Here's a Thought

Write the following question on a piece of paper, whiteboard or IWB (interactive whiteboard):

Is there a thought on this piece of paper [or whiteboard or IWB etc.]?

Nested Questions:

  • What is a thought?
  • Where are thoughts?
  • How are thoughts created?
  • Where do thoughts that aren’t being thought about go?
  • Where is William Shakespeare's thought 'the wish is father to the thought' (Henry IV part two)? (Remember: WS is now dead!)
  • Can a thought be on a page?
  • Do thoughts move? 
  • Can you swap thoughts with the person next to you? Can you swap brains?
  • What is the difference between brains and thoughts? 
  • What is the mind?


An exercise in telepathy?


Explain that you are going to perform ‘telepathy’ with the children; say that you will transfer a thought from your mind into their minds without speaking. Then, after some theatrics - such as touching your forefingers to your temples - simply write: ‘pink elephants’ on the board. 


TQ: Did I just perform telepathy?



What is telepathy?
If this is not telepathy then what is?


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