Nomological Dangler

Nomological Dangler

Some poems run out nicely
And follow a simple pattern
But others, they seem to stick out slightly
With a little extra bit to them

What sort of poem are you?
Are you easy to predict?
Or do you like to...
Things that don’t restric

Your sideless imagination
The random little sparkler
That makes you a little different:
A nomological dangler.

A nomological dangler is something that can’t be easily accounted for by the normal rules or laws. Nomos is Greek for law, logos is Greek for account and dangler... dangles.

Questions for Nomological Dangler:

  • Can you explain to someone who hasn’t heard or read the poem what nomological dangler means?
  • What kind of poem are you?
  • Does the previous question make any sense?
  • Is it good to be surprising?
  • Is it better to be surprising or predictable?
  • Should we try to be different from other people?
  • Can you have something that is not subject to causal laws?
  • Can something happen without a cause?
  • What is a cause?

Hint: when approaching new words with classes

When a class or student doesn’t know a word always ask them first what they think it means from the context before telling them or consulting the dictionary. Then compare their thoughts with the dictionary definition.

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