Superheroes and pants

Key idea

  • Qualities of a superhero. What makes someone a superhero? Is it how you look or what you do that is important?


  • Charlie’s Superhero Underpants by Paul Bright & Lee Wildish (It could be any book about a super hero really, I just found this one quite fun)
  • A super hero cape
  • Some superhero gloves
  • Some superhero strength (a sign to represent it perhaps)


Ask children to show you their:

  • Happy face
  • Sad face
  • Monster face
  • Puppy face
  • Superhero faces

At this point you could ask: Is that a superhero face? Why? Why not?

Main activity

Look at the front of the book and ask

  • Is he a superhero?
  • Do you have to look like a superhero, to be one?

As you read through the book stop at moments to ask the following questions

  • Is he a super hero if he has lost his superhero pants? (when they disappear from the line)
  • Can he still save people without his superhero pants?
  • Is the yeti a superhero? (when you find out he is wearing the pants)


  • Get pupils to put on the various superhero items, each time asking, ‘So are they a (real) superhero?’


  • If you are wearing superhero pants are you a superhero?
  • Can girls be superheroes?
  • Do girls have to have a pink cape?
  • Can you be a superhero if you hurt people?
  • Should superheroes fight?
  • Do you have to fly to be a superhero?

Relating it to people who help

  • Are doctors/firemen/teachers superheroes?
  • If you save lives are you a superhero?
  • If you save animals are you a super hero?

Download Superheroes and pants