The 2 Square


2                     2

2                     2

Start Question:

Take a look at the 2s above. How many numbers do you think are there?

Nested Questions:

  • How many different answers can you think of?
  • If someone said that there are no numbers there, can you say why they might say that?
  • What is a number?
  • Are numbers real or made up?
  • Are numbers invented or discovered?
  • Where can numbers be found?
  • Are the symbols that you see in ‘the 2 square’ numbers?
  • If not, what are numbers then?
  • Draw a number 2 on a piece of blank paper. Now stare at it for a few minutes. Does it still look like a 2? Turn it around and look at it from different sides. What does this exercise make you think?

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