The big orange splot

Plumbean decides that he wants his house to be a little different to the others in the street. But what will the neighbours think? Should he be bothered?

Task Questions:

  • Should Mr Plumbean paint his house how he wants? Why?
  • Is it naughty to paint his house how he wants it?
  • Is it ok to paint it, if his neighbours don't like it?
  • If it’s a neat street, but he paints it. Is he naughty?
  • If everyone wants him to paint it back, does he have to paint it back?
  • Should you be able to do what you want?
  • Is it fair to do what you want?
  • Mr P’s neighbour paints a ship on his house. Is his house a ship? Repeat with the hot air balloon...the castle – is a castle a house? What is a house?

Extension activity:

Give the children a house template each. Ask, ‘would you like to decorate a house?’ ‘Should you all decorate your houses the same?’

Download The big orange splot