The stranger – Based on a story by Max Velthuijs


Frog, Pig and Duck lived by the pond. They loved the pond and they often swan together, went fishing together and talked to eachother. They liked to think of themselves as the a team.

One day a stranger arrived. It was a rat and it came to live at the edge of the pond. Pig discovered him and saw that his whiskers we long and his fur was scruffy.

‘He can’t stay with us’ said pig to the rest duck and frog, who also lived by the pond.

Duck agreed. ‘You are right Pig; we don’t have rats in this pond’

Frog wasn’t so sure…


Task question

What will frog say? (and why?)


Nested questions

Should they let rat stay?

Can rat join their team?

Is rat a stranger?

Should they go and talk to him?


Eventually Duck decides to go and speak to rat, she head across the pond and shouts ‘Hello rat!’ Rat doesn’t reply. He is collecting stones and lining the up. ‘Excuse me! Why won’t you talk to me?’ Rat still doesn’t talk he just keeps on fetching stones from the water’s edge.

Duck decides to give up and returns to Frog and Pig, explaining that rat didn’t talk to her and was just busy ordering different stones on the grass. ‘He’s really strange’ we shouldn’t let him stay in our pond’, she told them.

‘You’re right’, said Pig. ‘He’s just rude. He should leave’


Frog wasn’t so sure…


Task Question

Should they make Rat leave?


Nested Questions

Is Rat different?

Can they be friends with Rat?

Can Rat join their team?

Who should they let stay? Anyone?

Should you stay with people who are like you?

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