The Talking Poem

The Talking Poem

Hello, I’m a poem,
A poem that talks to you
But a poem that also
Talks back

A poem that says what it wants to
Then says what it thinks you’ll
Say back.

“What do you mean?”
I hear you say out loud.
Well, something a little
Like that!

“Like what?” you shout out
(Whether you do or not)
Then you reply by saying:
“......................... ”



Allow the children to insert their own words in the inverted commas. You could discuss whether there is anything already in the poem to help decide what should go there (the first two stanzas end with ‘back’, the third with ‘that’). Then compare what they write with what the poem says, which is: “Ahh, like that!”

This activity could be extended by leaving more words out for the children to write their own instead, comparing theirs with the poet’s afterwards.

Nested Questions:

  • Can a poem talk to you?
  • Can a poem talk for you?
  • Can a poem talk?
  • If the last line is supposed to be said by you, then who is right about how it should end, you, or the poet?
  • Do you like your ending better, or the poets?

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