This session uses picture book: 'Tigerella' by Kit Wright


  • Philosophy Elephant
  • Tiger Masks
  • Chester
  • A bed


Introduce Philosophy Elephant


Today we are going to be thinking about things that change and things that stay the same.  Can we think of something that has changed or will change?  Can we think of something that will always be the same?


Examples of things that change might be what we eat for breakfast, when we go to school instead of nursery, new sibling.  Prompt them directly.

Task Question: what has changed for you recently?

Examples of things that stay the same might be parents, friends, etc.

Task Question: what do you think will always be the same?

Clues: Introduce the story by pulling out a Tiger Mask.  What could the story be about?  Then read the story.

Nested Question:

  • Are the tiger and the girl the same?

Read the story to the children at this point stopping to clarify things when the children ask to do so.  At the end of the story ask the task question.

Followup Questions:

  • If the tiger and the girl are the same then is the girl/tiger a good/naughty girl/tiger? 
  • Is the girl a good girl?
  • Is the tiger a naughty tiger?  

Extension Activity:

Place the bed (I shall use one made of card from a net) in the middle of the circle with a sheet over it.  Ask the children to point to where the girl is, and to point to where the tiger is.  Then take Chester (He’s a tiger) and place him next to the bed.

Task Question: When Tigerella is out playing where is the girl? Are they the same?



Give each child a tiger mask to cut and colour.  Join the children at the craft table and ask them what happens when they put on the mask.

Download tigerella