tusk tusk

This session uses picture book: 'Tusk Tusk' by David McKee


Philosophy elephant and masks. One white elephant mask, one black elephant mask, and one grey elephant mask. Print off a bunch of blank elephant masks for the children to have after the investigation.


Introduce the elephant puppet.

Introduce the story by pulling out one of the masks, ask them what they think the story could be about.

Then read the story to the point where the peace loving elephants hide in the jungle.

Get the children to act out the story. Separate them out into white elephants and black elephants.

Task Question:

  • What would you do?
  • Would you stay, or would you go into the jungle? Why?

Read the story to the end.

Task Question:

  • Are the elephants friends?
  • Which elephants are friends?
  • Which elephants are not friends?
  • Why are they (not) friends?
  • Have the children changed their minds? Why, why not?

End the session by giving each child their own elephant mask to colour in however they wish.

Download tusk tusk