What colour is a mirror?

Designed by Steven Campbell-Harris

Starter activity:

'change places if' with a colour focus (change places if your favourite colour is.., change places if you think black is not a colour, change places if you are wearing something blue etc)

Main activity:

A short poem/Thoughting to read aloud (possibly with the prop of a mirror introduced halfway through the poem and then gestured to during the final two lines)

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I know that,
And so do you

I've seen something that couldn't be clearer,
But please,
can someone tell me,
what colour is a mirror?

Nested Questions:

  • What is colour?
  • If we change something in front of the mirror, does the mirror's colour change?
  • Where is colour?
  • If the mirror isn't reflecting anything, does it have a colour?
  • Is 'pitch black' a colour?

Download What colour is a mirror?