Funding & Grants for Schools

Most schools use the Pupil Premium to pay for our work as it has been shown to impact learning for children on Free School Meals. Pupil Premium is a governement fund given to schools to raise attainment specifically for children on Free School Meals. Research carried out by the IOE into our work shows reading improves for children on FSM after just one term of philosophy with us. The Sutton Trust-EEF Toolkit shows that many of the interventions used in enquiry-based learning have strong evidence for impact of up to 8 months progress for pupils. These include, meta-cognition and self-regulation (+8 months), oral language (+5 months), peer tutoring (+6 months), and collaborative learning (+5 months).

Here is a list of potential funders for schools.

We may be able to help you find funding to have philosophy in your school, or a philosophy based project, please contact us for assistance.

John Lyons Charity funds state schools and independent schools with charitable status

John Lyons Charity Fund

The Education Endowment Fund is a new fund set up to raise the educational attainment of disadvantaged pupils. To apply for funding you need to be bringing substantial benefit to children on free school meals either in one school or a cluster of schools.

Education Endowment Fund

The Newcomen Collett Foundation supports the education of young people in the borough of Southwark. Schools can apply for funding for extra-curricula activities:

Newcomen Collet Foundation