Home Educators


The children grew in reasoning power and are still very much enjoying stumbling on a real problem and groaning "Oh, this is a philosophy moment!" before giving it a go.  It taught them debate, listening, co-operation and that there is not always a right answer to every problem.  It also taught them to be fabulously good at picking holes in my badly reasoned out requests and commands...... but that is still a good thing!

Nicola Wakeling

The Philosophy Foundation also works with home educators. We can run philosophy sessions with groups of home educators in the same area, if we have a local philosopher, or you are willing to pay for travel. We recommend the children are within the same Key Stage so the philosophy sessions can be appropriately designed. We work with groups from as small as 5 up to 15.

Home Educators might want to try using our resources, or coming on our Stage 1 Training to be able run sessions with your children. You can also search our Blog for an article for Parents called, Philosophy Club: a parents guide.