Why Kids (and Adults) Need Philosophy. The Common Reader.


Based on an interview with Peter Worley on the importance of philosophy in today's world

The Independent 23rd October 2011 I think, therefore I am in Year Three

Philosophy lessons in primary schools teach children how to think.

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The Times 4th June 2010 A campaign by the philosophy shop

A campaign by the Philosophy Shop to include reasoning on the school timetable, even at primary level, saw a restaging of the 1972 Monty Python Philosophers Football Match sketch. 

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The Observer 12th April 2009 What dilemma would you give a five-year-old?

A group called the Philosophy Shop is asking primary school children questions such as: "Is the mind the same thing as the brain?"

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Daily Mail 9th April 2009 I think... therefore I am five: Philosophy lessons for infants

You might expect playtime rather than Plato to be upper-most in the thoughts of most five-year-olds. But now their classrooms are echoing to the sound of neo-Socratic dialogue as philosophy lessons are being introduced to dozens of state primary schools. 

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Camden Gazette 8th April 2009 Five-Year-Olds are Taught Philosophy

Philosophy is being taught to Camden pupils as young as five in a bid to help them think more creatively. 

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Daily Mail 1st January 2008 Teaching a New Philosophy

Britain's children are the unhappiest in Europe. They are among the least likely to enjoy school or to rate their happiness levels as above average. Overall, they felt left out, awkward and even lonely, according to a damning report by Unicef in 2006. 

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Bring a philosophical apporach to your school or workplace