5th March - Philosophy for it's own sake

On March 4th the Education Endowment Foundation released their latest results into research measuring the impact of SAPERE's P4C ('Philosophy for Children') – which a previous efficacy trial had shown to possibly increase reading and maths skills in primary school-aged children. This larger-scale study shows no impact on children's reading, maths, or character development, the three core elements of the study they were assessing. But studying philosophy isn't done to get better at other subjects – it should be studied for its own sake. This is because thinking better, deeper, and more clearly is intrinsically worth doing, as well as for the impact better thinking can have on all aspects of learning and living.

P4C Research results

28th January 2021 - The Happy Prisoner Festival Freeing the mind through Philosophical Enquiry

The Philosophy Foundation will put on the world's first philosophical enquiry festival online on Saturday March 27th. The festival will showcase philosophical conversations rather than two-sides debating and will give attendees an opportunity to think through matters of importance facing us all today, including:

  • Education.
  • Free Speech.
  • Ecological Grief.
  • The Value of Work.
  • Conspiracy Theories.

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18th January 2021 - The Eternal Return

Two former primary school pupils return to teach philosophy with TPF, the charity that taught them over 10 years ago.

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