Working with the Philosophy Foundation has helped us cater for and extend students that will look towards Oxbridge and the Russell Group.

Guy Williams, Wellington College

We work with a number of schools to extend and challenge their more able students and scholars. We can also work with your school to help identify students who could benefit from philosophy sessions to improve their learning overall.

Philosophy questions are similar to Oxbridge interview quesitons, and by practicing discussion based philosophy it gives an opportunity for students to think deeply about many abstract ideas that can come up in any future interviews. We also offer the teaching of specific critical thinking skills that will help students during exams, and help them develop metacognitive skills, which in turn will support all subjects.

Translating dialogue into written work can also be a part of our scholars programmes.

In London we can work with groups on a weekly basis, for schools outside of London we suggest day-long visits working with up to 6 differen groups of scholars per visit, with these residency occuring twice a term, or once a month. We are flexible and happy to work something out specifically for your school. Please do get in touch.