Think and Drink - April


Think and Drink is a conversation group facilitated by Philosopher and author Peter Worley. No experience or knowledge required. Be prepared to think, prepare yourself a drink, and join us every last Wednesday of the month.

In April we'll be thinking about How to be good!

For this session we will think about virtue. By the end you will know how to never get things wrong, how to always do the right thing and how to never fail in what you do. Of course, it doesn’t mean you will do all these things (or be able to!), but at least we will have considered what different philosophers have said about what we need to do (and to be) to achieve these great things! From Aristotle to Kant, from Foot to Hare, from Greeks to Stoics and Christians, we will survey the path to and from virtue and see if we are better people by the end of it. Even if we aren’t, we will have a better idea about why not!