The Philosophy Shop: ideas, activities and questions to get people, young and old, thinking philosophically

The book wants to see thinking for thinking’s sake, the development of the intellect for the sheer love of learning, and the formation of enquiring minds which want to probe and are unwilling to accept authority unless grounded on good argument. 

Sir Anthony Seldon

The Philosophy Shop is a veritable emporium of philosophical puzzles and challenges to develop thinking in and out of the classroom.

Imagine a one-stop shop stacked to the rafters with everything you could ever want, to enable you to tap into young people’s natural curiosity and get them thinking deeply. Well, this is it! Edited by our co-founder CEO Peter Worley and with contributions from philosophers from around the world as well as our own specialists, The Philosophy Shop is jam-packed with ideas to get anyone thinking philosophically from children and young people to adults. For use in the classroom, at after school clubs, in philosophy departments and philosophy groups or even for the lone reader, this book will appeal to anyone who likes to think. Take it on journeys and dip in; use it as a classroom starter activity, or for a full philosophical enquiry - it could even be used to steer pub, dinner party or family discussions away from the same old topics.

The proceeds of the book are going towards The Philosophy Foundation, so by purchasing this book you are helping us to support disadvantaged children.