What is Young Philosophers Club?

Young Philosophers Club is where we think and talk about some of the most interesting and puzzling things in life. Through games, stories and thought experiments you will discover how deep these ideas go.

At Young Philosophers Club there's no such thing as a silly question or answer. 

The clubs are led by TPF trained philosophy specialists and if you join you will:

  • Learn to unpick challenging, abstract ideas.

  • Think critically and independently

  • Develop confidence in speaking

  • Become better listeners

  • Collaborate and manage conflict effectively

  • Have fun with philosophy!

What and when?

Young Philosophers Clubs will run weekly in the evenings. Each term there will be 3 clubs, 1 for each age group 7-11, 12-15 and 16-18 years on a different, throught provoking idea. The first 3 clubs will start in October and you'll think and talk about: 

7-11 years - Living your best life (8 weeks)

The phrase ‘living your best life’ has gained recent popularity, but how to live well – to flourish and thrive as a human being? Drawing on a range of stories, thought experiments and activities, this club will allow you to explore your own ideas around happiness, freedom, success, self-control, bravery, friendship and more.

12-15 years - Is happiness all that matters? (5 weeks)

Is happiness all that matters? Or are other things in life just as, if not more, important? You'll be taken on a tour of happiness, taking time to consider what it is, how we can get it, and whether the ‘good life’ is a happy life.

16-18 years - Are you sold on these ads? (6 weeks)

Ever given catchy ads a second thought? Sign up and we will. Explore the implicit philosophy behind the slogans of the big brands and decide for yourself if you actually buy into it. 


There are just 12 places in each club, so book your places here now! If you have any questions or need any info, email kim@philosophy-foundation.org