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Du iz tak? (book needed)

You are going to need the book 'Du iz tak?' by Carson Ellis for this session.  The bugs are looking curious. They’ve found something, but what is it? And what are they saying? “Du iz tak?” Task Questions: Are the bugs talking? Can you work out what they are saying? Is their treehouse safe? Is ...

Ages: Ages 5-7 (KS1)

Subjects: Language and Meaning

Themes: Storytelling, Language

Help and Deserving

This session is based on the story book The Little Red Hen and was devised by Steve Hoggins. The in this version is that the characters take opposite positions. One helps and the other doesn’t. Key ideas: When are you obliged to help people? Do some people deserve more than others? Resources: 3 puppets Start...

Ages: Ages 5-7 (KS1), Ages 3-5 (EYFS)

Subjects: Ethics

Themes: Storytelling, Sharing, Fairness, Deserving

Is it fair?

By Steve Hoggins This is inspired Morag and Berys Gaut’s book, Philosophy for Young Children. It also draws from ‘who gets what and why?’ by Anja Steinbauer in The Philosophy Shop. Resources 3 Puppets Scissors Circle of thin card or paper plate Themes This story can be a continuation of the He...

Ages: Ages 5-7 (KS1)

Subjects: Ethics

Themes: Storytelling, Sharing, Justice, Fairness


Session This session will invite the children to devise their own storytelling techniques and will explore the concept of ‘story’ itself. Explain to the children that that they will be given a special task this week: to tell a story to someone else (works well for National Storytelling Week, usually end of January). Explain that t...

Ages: Ages 14-16 (KS4), Ages 11-14 (KS3), Ages 7-11 (KS2)

Subjects: English

Themes: Storytelling, Literacy