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Do you deserve it?

By Steve Hoggins This session is based on the story The little red hen. The difference being that in the tale the other characters holds exactly the same position – they don’t want to help. Resources 3 Puppets Story generation Introduce the three characters by name (I used to get the children to choose) and then s...

Ages: Ages 5-7 (KS1)

Subjects: Ethics

Themes: Responsibility, Obligations, Fairness, Deserving

Help and Deserving

This session is based on the story book The Little Red Hen and was devised by Steve Hoggins. The in this version is that the characters take opposite positions. One helps and the other doesn’t. Key ideas: When are you obliged to help people? Do some people deserve more than others? Resources: 3 puppets Start...

Ages: Ages 5-7 (KS1), Ages 3-5 (EYFS)

Subjects: Ethics

Themes: Storytelling, Sharing, Fairness, Deserving

Help and Deserving (concise version)

Giraffe is hungry! She goes shopping for ingredients to make a pizza, but the bag is just too heavy for her to carry home by herself. Can someone help her? And it’s a lot of work doing all the cooking, do you think anyone will help her cook the pizza? Task Questions 1: If bear says ‘no’, is that OK? Why do you th...

Ages: Ages 5-7 (KS1), Ages 3-5 (EYFS)

Subjects: Ethics

Themes: Fairness, Deserving

The Ant & The Grasshopper

Thinking about work, desert and welfare Session by Peter Worley. This session exemplifies how to critically engage your class with traditional stories that have a clear moral message. You could stop the story before the grasshopper speaks and have two children dramatise the scene, anticipating what they think the characters will say. And/o...

Ages: Ages 14-16 (KS4), Ages 11-14 (KS3), Ages 7-11 (KS2)

Subjects: Ethics

Themes: Rights, Fairness, Deserving , Decision-making, Classification