One of our specialists had an interesting session about competition. The children were talking about a football match: "I was gutted when my team lost". So the facilitator invited them to explain why... "because they were supposed to win" a few contributions later..."You are not supposed to win you are supposed to get better" and "if you win then it was too easy".

Task Questions:

  • Is it better to win or lose?
  • Should you try to win/lose?
  • If you train more than them or have better equipment, is that fair?
  • If you took a pill that made you run 10% faster, is that cheating?
  • If you bought some shoes that made you run 10% faster?
  • If you were born with longer legs that made you 10% faster?
  • What is a fair race?

During that you can also examine some of their claims:

  • 'Competition is bad because someone always loses'?
  • 'It would be better if everyone could win'?
  • If you learn more by losing (pupil's suggestion) should we hope our friends/teams lose?

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