Earth Hounds (book needed)

Your are going to need the book 'Dr Xargle's Book Of Earth Hounds' by Jeanne Willis for this session.

Dr Xargle is teaching the class today about Earth Hounds… with sharp fangs at one end, and a waggler at the other, but what creature are the aliens learning about?  What is an Earthling?  And what is an Earthlet?

Task Questions:

  • What is a “waggler”?
  • Do you have a “sniffer with two holes”?
  • Are you an Earthlet?
  • Are Earthlings and people the same thing?
  • Is a moohorn and a cow the same thing?

Guess my animal game…

Can you hide an animal.  Now describe it.  And can the other children guess what it is?

Download Earth Hounds (book needed)