Eating and Health

Key ideas

Rights over our own body. Healthy eating. Self-treatment. Government responsibility.


Imagine you are in a land when everyone who lives there is nice to each other. If you fall over they help you up. They never hurt each other or shout at each other. One day the people of this land discover a new type of food called slowberries. To start with everyone starts eating the slowberries and they absolutely love them.

Then they start to realise that slowberries slow you down. People who eat slowberries every day become really slow, at everything. Even those who don’t eat slowberries so often notice that it takes longer to do their jobs and they are not quite so quick at answering when people talk to them. Some people then stop eating slowberries altogether and begin to speed up again. Most, however, love slowberries so much, they just continue

Comprehension/engagement question:

  • What do you think life is like for the people who eat slowberries?
  • Is it any different from before?
  • Would you eat the slowberries?

Key questions

One of the people who gave up then starts going round telling people to stop eating slowberries. Not everyone is happy about it

  • Should we stop eating slowberries?
  • Should we let some eat slowberries if they want to?
  • Should we make a law to stop people eating slowberries?
  • Should you be able to choose what you eat?
  • Who is responsible for your health? Government? Teacher? Parent? You?

And then, once you have discussed these in a detached abstract way you can draw in some of the issues around sugar, alcohol, fat etc. and see what chn make of them.

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