House and Home

Key ideas: Home. What is home?



Show the children a picture of a house and ask the following

Task Question: Is this a home? Why?


Further Stimulus

Bring up a picture of a person sleeping rough (could also have a tent/campervan)

Task Questions:

  • Is this home?
  • Is ‘a house’ the same as ‘a home’?
  • What is home?

The above is to get them thinking about the idea of whether home is connected to having a house. There might be tangential discussions about whether it’s home if you own it or whether you sleep there.

Regarding the refugees and the EU question, I thought it might be interesting to get them to think how broad the term home is/should be. What do we mean when we say ‘Britain is my home’?

You could have pictures of (or just write the words on whiteboards):

  • Your school
  • Your town
  • London
  • The Uk
  • Europe
  • The world
  • The universe!

Task Question: Are any of these home?


Extension ideas

Pliny the elder, a Roman Philosopher once wrote “Home is where the heart is”

​Task Questions:

  • What do you think he meant by that?
  • Was he right?
  • Can your home be somewhere you hate?
  • Is home a place? A feeling? An idea? A person or people? Something else?


Further Explorations Online:

Click the link for a short article on the Hellenic view of home. It talks about some of the ideas above but also got me thinking about the idea of home as a non-physical entity, a state of being, comfortableness, love or freedom.

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