How to save a superhero (book needed)

You are going to need the book 'How to save a superhero' by Caryl Hart for this session. 

Albie puts on his superhero costume and then he’s Albie the Awesome! Then when a flying girl saves him from falling, his adventure begins...

Task Questions:

  • Is Albie a superhero?
  • When he’s got the costume on, is Albie (the Awesome) a superhero?

Scoot can fly.

  • Is Scoot a superhero?

Scoot is asleep.

  • Is Scoot a superhero?

Rascal took Albie’s toy.

  • Is Rascal a superhero?
  • If he’s abaddie, is he a superhero?
  • If he’s in trouble, is he a goodie?

The Collector is not being very nice.

  • Is The Collector a superhero?
  • Is The Collector a baddie?
  • If The Collector helps the others, is The Collector a goodie?
  • Can The Collector be a goodie and a baddie at the same time?

Download How to save a superhero (book needed)