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Project or print out and show the class 'Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump' by Joseph Wright (easily google-able, and attached as a downloadable document below). Looking How many people are there in this picture? What are they looking at? Is anyone excited? Is anyone scared? Is anyone happy or sad? Are you surp...

Ages: Ages 16-18 (KS5), Ages 14-16 (KS4), Ages 11-14 (KS3)

Subjects: Ethics, Aesthetics

Themes: Behaviour, Art

How to save a superhero (book needed)

You are going to need the book 'How to save a superhero' by Caryl Hart for this session.  Albie puts on his superhero costume and then he’s Albie the Awesome! Then when a flying girl saves him from falling, his adventure begins... Task Questions: Is Albie a superhero? When he’s got the costume on, is Al...

Ages: Ages 5-7 (KS1), Ages 3-5 (EYFS)

Subjects: Metaphysics

Themes: Identity, Behaviour

Oh no, George! (book needed)

You are going to need the book 'Oh no, George!' by Chris Haughton for this session.  Harris asks George to be good while he goes out. George says, “Yes, I’ll be very good”. But left on his own, even if he wants to be good and hopes he’ll be good, there are so many things to distract George. Will he be go...

Ages: Ages 5-7 (KS1), Ages 3-5 (EYFS)

Subjects: Ethics

Themes: Thinking, Self-control, Promise keeping, Behaviour

Safe or Dangerous?

Where should you place these things on a line? Is it safe, or dangerous?   Cooking... safe or dangerous? Daddy cooking... safe or dangerous? You cooking... safe or dangerous?   Thinking... safe or dangerous?   Playing with a ball... safe or dangerous? Playing with a ball in the park... safe or ...

Ages: Ages 5-7 (KS1), Ages 3-5 (EYFS)

Themes: Meaning, Behaviour

The Magician's Tricks: Honest Sa'id and The Magician

The Philosophy You can hear an 'In Our Time' and 'Philosophy Bites' about Avicenna here: http://philosophybites.com/2007/09/peter-adamson-o.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00855lt In a colourful career Avicenna proved the existence of god, amalgamated all known medical knowledge into one big book and establish...

Ages: Ages 14-16 (KS4), Ages 11-14 (KS3), Ages 7-11 (KS2)

Subjects: Epistemology

Themes: Sense and reference, Sense, Knowledge, Behaviour

The Perfect School

Focus With eyes shut try to imagine the perfect school. Ask the following questions: How would the pupils behave? How would the teachers take the lessons? How would the pupils feel at the end of the school day? How would the teachers feel at the end of the school day? Stimulus This piece of paper is a letter from the Prime...

Ages: Ages 16-18 (KS5), Ages 14-16 (KS4), Ages 11-14 (KS3), Ages 7-11 (KS2)

Subjects: Ethics

Themes: Virtue ethics, Bravery, Behaviour

The Tolerant School

Designed by Andy West Philosophy Addressed Should intolerant opinions be tolerated? (If yes, then what would happen? If no, then by what criterion do we censor?) What is the difference between disagreeing with someone and being intolerant of them? Is tolerance an absolute good? Preliminaries You may need to pre-teach the meanin...

Ages: Ages 14-16 (KS4), Ages 11-14 (KS3), Ages 7-11 (KS2)

Subjects: Ethics

Themes: Difference, Behaviour

What is a saint?

Stimulus: The Sheep Thieves Once upon a time there were two sheep thieves who regularly stole from the townspeople. One day they are caught, and the punishment for steeling sheep in this town is to be branded with a hot branding iron. An ‘S’ and a ‘T’ are seared across the foreheads of the sheep thieves so wherever the...

Ages: Ages 11-14 (KS3), Ages 7-11 (KS2)

Subjects: Ethics

Themes: Saints, Beliefs, Behaviour

Who Gets What And Why?

Tamara, Carim and Miriam decide to bake a cake together. Tamara does all the necessary shopping; in fact she spends most of this month’s pocket money on ingredients. Far more than his friends, Carim puts enormous effort into making the cake. He has baked before, so is very good at it as well as very enthusiastic. Miriam mostly watches and ...

Ages: Ages 7-11 (KS2)

Subjects: Ethics

Themes: Sharing, Politics, Fairness, Behaviour

Will Power

Tell the story of ‘Cookies’ (from Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel) for young children or read ‘Bite’ from Thoughtings for older students. Run an enquiry around one of these stimuli. Possible TQs: TQ (Cookies): Did either Frog or Toad use any will power? TQ (Bite): What decides what your tongue likes? Or,...

Ages: All | All

Subjects: Ethics

Themes: Self-control, Free will, Choice, Behaviour