Peter Worley | A philosophical enquiry strategy for up-against-it secondary school teachers

When a secondary school teacher being trained in facilitation forgot Pete was visiting, to observe one of his philosophy sessions, he had an epiphany:

"This is what my colleagues need to know about how this philosophy stuff works."

And here's what happened in the classroom on that day...

Posted by Joe Tyler on 20th September 2016 at 12:00am

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How To See Into Their Heads

By Andy Day

How To See Into Their Heads: Picturing a child’s own number line.

‘Miss, why we doing this?’ is something you hear from time to time. And however irritating it might be in tone, it’s a question that deserves an answer. After all, if we are going to take anyone’s time up teaching them anything, we should be able to say why that particular thing is worth the bother. Our reason doesn’t have to be of a narrow ‘you’ll need this to get a job’ type. It could be: ‘Understanding this will make you a better human being in countless ways’, but there must be a sense of purpose in education.  Familiarity with our curriculum can allow us to disregard fundamental questions that affect someone coming to the topic for the first time.

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