Much has been written about doing philosophy in prisons. In the UK most notably through the Guardian education series: Philosophy in Prisons by Alan Smith, who called it a day in 2013.

Jules Evans has also done philosophy in Low Moss prison. It was an eight-session course that introduced people to the ideas and life-philosophies of various ancient philosophers, including Socrates, the Stoics, Plato, Rumi, the Buddha, Jesus and Lao Tzu. He ran it in partnership with New College Lanarkshire, which runs the learning courses in west Scottish prisons, you can read about it on his Philosophy for Life blog. 

Recently Kirstine Szifris wrote an article on her work: Philosophy in Prisons: Opening Minds and Broadening Perspectives through philosophical dialogue. Kirstine undertook our two day Stage 1 course to help her do this work in prison, and used some of our resources as well as developing her own.

This year Mike Coxhead, a philosophy research student at King's College London, started a project delivering enquiry-led philosophy classes in a London prison. During his preparation for this work he trained with us and became one of our accredited philosophy teachers. One of our Senior Specialist Philosophy Teachers, Andy West, has wanted to work in prisons for many years, having had family experience of life in and out of prison. The two of them are working together on this project.

We hope to be able to support them further in the future, and will update our site with news of their work.