Philosophy Podcasts 

We have a soundcloud account with stories for doing philosophy with young people on it, and three episodes with children philosophising about freedom, goodness and dreams.

Philosophy Bites by David Edmunds and Nigel Warburton - over 365 bite sized philosophy interviews 

History of Philosophy without any gaps by Peter Adamson - does what it says on the tin...not quite complete yet!

Radio 4’s In Our Time now has an archive of all their programmes.

For other recommended Philosophy Podcasts visit Reddit Philosophy

UK institutions helping develop philosophy in both primary and secondary schools

A Level Philosophy - ALP provides conferences on philosophy and religious studies for Years 12 and 13. They host conferences for students and INSET days for teachers

British Philosophical Association - the BPA promote the study of philosophy in the community and particularly at higher and secondary education. 

P4C - the P4C co-operative, resources for doing P4C.

Royal Institute of Philosophy - Jacobsen Trust funding for philosophy in schools

SAPERE - UK Charity: Society for Advancing Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education. Teacher training in P4/wC, the UK model of P4C.

The Philosophy Man - free resources and training by Jason Buckley.

Thinking Space - a community interest company in Sheffield

European and International groups

SOPHIA - European Foundation for the Advancement of Doing Philosophy with Children

International Council for Philosophical Inquiry with Children - international association facilitating links between all persons doing philosophy with children

FAPSA - The Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations is an umbrella organisation supporting the interests of its nine affiliated Associations.

PLATO - USA Philosophy Teaching and Learning Organisation

Websites for Everyone
The British Philosophical Association website, promoting the study of philosophy in higher and secondary education, the wider community
The Royal Institute of Philosophy - A charity dedicated to the advancement of philosophy
Centre for Inquiry UK - Meetings and talks about science / reason and education
Stephen Law’s Blog
TPM Online - The Philosopher’s Magazine
Philosophy Now Magazine
Nigel Warburton’s Virtual Philosopher, also check out his podcasts: Philosophy Bites
Wonder Ponder - Spanish organisation specialising in visual philosophy resources for children